"What is your exchange/return policy?"

Items may be exchanged for store credit ONLY. All items must have the original tags attached, along with the original receipt. Any exchanges must be made within 7 days of the original date of purchase. No exceptions.

"How do I get more money for my items?"
To increase the value of your items make sure they are freshly laundered, in excellent condition, and stain & wrinkle free. The better your items look when we review them, the higher value you will receive for them. 

"What sizes do you carry?"

We carry girls and women's sizes from 00-20+ and XXS - XXXL

"How do you prefer I bring my items in?"

Off hangers, freshly laundered and neatly folded in a basket, tub or bag.

"What kind of items do you take?"

Tops, blouses, shirts, tanks, tees, sweaters, cardigans, long sleeves, jackets, coats, some suits, pants, jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, shoes, scarves, boots, sunglasses, purses, and much more. We DO NOT accept household goods. 

"Do I need an appointment to bring in items?"

No, every location evaluates items all hours we're open on a first come first serve basis.

"How long will it take to evaluate my things?"

The average order (1-2 Bags or bins) takes less than ten minutes. However wait times may be longer on weekends and if you brought more than two containers.

"How many items may I bring?"

There is no limit to the amount of items you bring. Please remember its a first come first serve policy and more than a few containers will take longer to process. We ask you give us a courtesy call before bringing extra large orders in, but we understand if you don't.

"Do I have to stay in the store while you process my order?"

We do prefer you stay in the store. However, if wait times are unusually long, we don't mind if you run another quick errand.

"Why do I get seemingly low offers on some items or even some of my high quality items are turned away?"

At MBFC, we are constantly analyzing trends in fashion and what is selling in our stores. Some items that once received high value, may not be selling as well as they once were, and we have to price them lower to sell. In turn that may lower the price we'll pay for that item or possibly not allow us to buy them at all.

"Can I sell back items I have purchased from MBFC?"

Yes, as long as the items still meet the buying criteria, we are more than happy to repurchase your items. In fact, we encourage you to buy and sell with us as the seasons and/or your style changes. That's why we offer Double Store Credit!

"Can Store Credit be used at any My Best Friend's Closet location?"

Yes, your Store Credit goes on a Gift Card that can be used at all locations, and never expires! Please treat your gift card like cash as we are unable to replace lost cards/credit.

"Should I try and sell the same items to another location after they've been turned down at another?

In most cases no, because your items have been thoroughly reviewed and all locations are trained to look for the same quality, condition and styles. However, if the first location was unable to take your items due to high stock
levels than yes you should definitely sell them to another location. 

"Can I donate the items you won't purchase from me?"

We encourage you to donate your remaining items to a local charity of your choice. i.e. ARC, Excelsior School for Girls, Homeless Shelters etc. We are currently unable to make the donations for you and can not provide donation

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